English LC-M (ENGM)

ENGM 105C  Composition and Rhetoric I - CAP  (2 credits)  
ENGM 110  Composition  (3 credits)  

This course is an issue and project based science course. Small and large group discussions that impact human biology and/or human learning from the practical, theoretical and political standpoints will be the focus. It emphasizes the interdependence of human, plant and animal biology and the environment. This course will function as a seminar and hands-on laboratory workshop - with assigned readings from the journals, periodicals nd the internet. Students will be expected to choose an issue to further research and present their findings as a poster board and/or class presentation.

ENGM 110C  Composition - CAP  (3 credits)  
ENGM 120  Critical Writing  (4 credits)  

Themes from CIS 101, such as issues surrounding the use of computer technology, will be incorporated into ENG 120 at several junctures during the semester. Likewise, ENG 120 thems, such as persuasion, argumentation, and analysis through writing, will be a significant part of the work students do in CIS 101. Both courses will emphasize the presentation of the self through the written word, the social changes wrought by virtual communication, internet research, and internet publication.

Prerequisites: ENG 101 or ENG 110 or permission of the Department Chair. New Core: Foundation Course. Learning Community
Corequisites: Students must also register for CISM 101, 99122.
ENGM 201  Writing in the Disciplines  (3 credits)  

Students will be reading and writing about issues related to maternal - child - health nursing practice. There will a field study and civic engagement component.