English LC-F (ENGF)

ENGF 105C  Composition and Rhetoric I - CAP  (2 credits)  

Asia is a region of enormous geographical, cultural, politcal and economic diversities, which carries over into the rich and varied cultures of Asian Americans. This course is designed as a survey of cultures in East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Asian America. It provides students with an overview of the various cultural traditions in Asia and in Asian America from past to present. It deals with the forces of change that transformed different Asian societies into modern nation states, as well as the role of Asian Americans in the US. The development of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taosim, the role of scholars and warriors, the challenges of Western imperialism, the impacts of international warfare and the emergence of Asian American cultures are major topics to be covered. In addition to the required textbooks, we will read memoirs, works of literature and essays and watch videos to acquire a full understanding of Asian and Asian American cultures.