English LC-A (ENGA)

ENGA 105C  Composition and Rhetoric II - CAP  (2 credits)  

Like writing, computing is as much about structure as it is about creative and critical thinking. This learning community examines the humna condition as it relates to both the science of computing and the process of writing.

ENGA 105D  Composition and Rhetoric II - CAP  (2 credits)  

The theme of this learning community is the relationship between identity and culture and each course will invite students to consider how who we are - to ourselves and others - is shaped by the culture in which we live. ENG 120D/ENG 105D will question the notion of individualism by examining how individuals are situated in culture and what it means to say that identity is culturally constructed. We will examine what is ar stake, when dominant groups assign identities to marginalized groups, as well as how individuals use language and cultural images to engage and ultimately resist the meanings that are assigned to them.