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Center for Global Governance, Reporting and Regulation

The Center for Global Governance, Reporting and Regulation (CGGRR) sponsors research and discussion on the development and implementation of global financial reporting standards, regulatory compliance and governance. It also offers programs to develop proficiencies and expertise in these areas and hosts conferences and events on relevant topics featuring leaders in these fields.

The Center was originated as the Center for the Study of International Accounting Standards, and evolved into its current iteration as a natural progression. Reporting standards alone are not sufficient in the current global business environment; governance and regulatory compliance are essential in international business.

The Center offers various professional development programs, in both in-person and online formats.  The Certified Compliance Regulatory Professional (CCRP®) program was created as a joint venture with the Association of International Bank Auditors, and has certified more than 250 industry professionals.  Additional certificate offerings are provided by the Center in specific fields, including Financial Crimes and Cybersecurity.  The Center also provide tailored training sessions for individual companies.

For more information about the Center and its offerings, please visit the Center for Global Governance, Reporting and Regulation website.