Environmental Policy, MA

Campus: Westchester

Program Description

This 42-credit (minimum) M.A. program in Environmental Policy can be completed within two years of full-time study. Students having a diversity of interests and undergraduate backgrounds (e.g., environmental studies, IT, business, natural sciences, political sciences) will be eligible for admission into the program.

With a practical core curriculum that is "skills oriented", this program is designed to prepare students to enter the professional world as leaders, analysts and practitioners. Its focus is an in-depth understanding of the complex relationships among natural science, law, and management and how to use the tools of these disciplines to develop appropriate responses to complex environmental issues. It incorporates courses and faculty from public administration, management, environmental policy, economics and science in a curriculum that develops academic analytical skills necessary to deal with the practical aspects and profound challenges of local, national and global environmental affairs.  Requirements will cover not simply the written laws and rules of formal government institutions such as legislatures and courts but also the broader sweep of political governance: the process of engagement between special interest groups, scientists, media, and the public.  Program foci range from pollution control to management of production and consumption and to preservation of vast environmental resources.

Required EP courses and one LAW Course
EP 601Introduction to Environmental Law3
EP 602Environmental Policy and Politics3
EP 603Environmental Science for Policymakers3
EP 604Environmental and Ecological Economics3
EP 608Analytical Methods for Environmental Policy Analysis3
EP 609The Art of Advocacy and Negotiation3
EP 610Contemporary Issues in Environmental Policy: Capstone3
EP 701Masters in Environmental Policy: Externship4
EP 702Contemporary Issues in Environmental Policy: A Colloquium2
LAW 914Legislative and Regulatory Process3
Required Approved Electives
Select 12 credits of the following: 112
Total Credits42

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences Elective List

The following Environmental Science (ENS) and Public Administration (PAA) courses are available as electives:

ENS 501Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Preparation4
ENS 505Conservation Biology3
ENS 506Wildlife Ecology3
ENS 511Plant Ecology and Conservation3
ENS 531Biological Oceanography and Marine Biology3
ENS 625Environmental Science Communication3
ENS 696IWater Commodity/Water Habitat3
ENS 760Waste Management, Site Remediation and Land Reuse4
ENS 780Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems4
PAA 603Economics of Government, Health Care and Nonprofit Entities3
PAA 605Ethics and Leadership3
PAA 611Management and Organizational Development3
PAA 614Strategic Planning and Marketing3
PAA 615Program Planning and Evaluation1-3
PAA 616Project Development and Grant Writing1-3
PAA 630Intergovernmental Relations1-3
PAA 631Law in the Administrative Process3
PAA 642Regional Planning3
PAA 670The Not-for-Profit Sector3
PAA 671Law and Board Governance for Not-for-Profit Managers3

 Law School Elective List

Students may take up to 2 Law School courses from the following list with EP program director's approval:

LAW 633Sustainable Development Law Survey3
LAW 689Energy Law and Regulation2
LAW 775Conservation Law2
LAW 806Food Systems and Environmental Law2
Possibly other Law electives

Other Available Elective Courses

For other approved electives that may be available, students see EP program director for information and formal approval.