Group of students sitting around a table

Homeland Security Certificate

Campus: Westchester

Required Courses
CRJ 600Online Student Seminar for HS0
CRJ 601Introduction to Homeland Security3
Elective Courses (Choose 4 courses from the list below)12
CRJ 603 Strategic Planning and Budgeting
CRJ 622 International Human Rights
CRJ 624 Technology and Critical Infrastructure Protection
CRJ 625 Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Homeland Security
CRJ 626 Special Topics in Homeland Security
CRJ 627 Psychology and Terrorism/Fear
CRJ 628 Research Colloquium and Capstone Seminar
CRJ 629 Comparative Governments
CRJ 630 Intelligence Gathering Strategies for Homeland Security
CRJ 631 Public Health for HS Leaders
IT 603 Overview of Information Security
IT 664 Computer and Internet Forensics
IT 666 Information Security Management
Total Credits15