Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Program, PhD

Campus: Westchester

PhD Program Information

The PhD in Nursing program is designed to be a research-intensive experience. Program graduates develop new nursing science, serve as leaders of the profession, and educate the next generation of nurses. 

Pace’s innovative PhD in Nursing program is the only one in the mid-Hudson region.


Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
NURS 912 Quantitative Research Methods I 3
NURS 913 Philosophy of Science 3
NURS 803 Advanced Nursing in Primary 3
NURS 916 Qualitative Research Methods I 3
NURS 922 Quantitative Research Methods II 3
NURS 923 Development of Nursing Knowledge 3
Year 2
NURS 830 Health Care Policy: Strategic Action 3
NURS 920 Measurement in Nursing Research 3
NURS 924 lnterprofessional Approaches to Research 3
NURS 925 Research Practicum 3
NURS 928 Dissertation Development I 3
NURS 932
Quantitative Research Methods III
or Qualitative Research Methods II
Year 3
NURS 938 Dissertation Development II 3
NURS 754 Teaching and Learning in Academic Settings 3
NURS 948 Dissertation Seminar Continuation (If needed) 3
 Total Credits45

DNP Bridge Program

Although the Pace DNP program is designed for family or acute care nurse practitioners, we now have an option for adult, pediatric, geriatric, and women’s health master’s prepared nurse practitioners who wish to obtain FNP certification as an FNP-DNP or Acute Care certification as an AACNP-DNP. If you are interested in this option, you will need to meet with the Program Director who will conduct a gap analysis to determine what additional clinical courses will be required.

For more information, contact or call 914-773-3552.